Established in 2000, over 15 years experience specialized only in the natural trunk trees manufacturing and has the biggest collection of trees in this industry. Creative designs, superior quality and guaranteed prices made us successful and become the leader in the industry.


Our tree trunks are selected from natural hard wood which are same as nature. Unlike most other factories, we have our own heat chamber to dry up all wood trunks together with sulfur to fumigate all wooden items. All foliages are printed with imported fabric and each tree is built by experienced craftsman.


All prices are guaranteed lowest from all your suppliers and quality also guaranteed to your satisfactory.


Many of our customers are department stores, chain stores, furniture stores and importers in Western Europe, Middle East and North/South America. Our trees are extremely suitable and saleable in these areas.


Nowadays, trees are essential products for home decoration, offices, shopping malls or any indoor areas. It has been proved a successful product for selling in Europe, Middle East or America.